Cost Annual Dental Plan Cost

How much does the plan cost annually?

The annual cost of the plan is $425 for Adults and $385 for a Child (under the age of 18).

Annual membership includes the following:

  • Two free Exams ( Comprehensive, Periodic or Emergency)
  • Two free cleanings per year with Fluoride
  • One free Digital panoramic x-ray every 3 years
  • One free set of four bitewing x-rays one per year
  • One free Velscope oral cancer screening per year
  • 15% Discount on all other comprehensive service offered by Coastal Carolina Family Dentistry

In addition, all members receive a 15% discount with each specialist within the savings plan, including Periodontist (ex. treatment of periodontal disease), Endodontist (ex. Root Canals), Orthodontist (ex. Braces) and Oral Surgeon ( ex. Implants/ Extractions/ All-On-Four® Dental Implant Restoration) .

How are we able to offer these discounts?

By eliminating insurance companies, we are able to save on administrative costs associated with insurance verification, eligibility verification, filing claims, appeals, reduced reimbursement and long waiting periods for payment. This results in savings for our organization which we can pass on in the form of savings for members of the plan. When the provider receives payment at the time service is rendered, it reduces the cost of providing service.

Why is a 20% payment required when making an appointment with the dentist or specialist?

The dentist and specialists value their patients’ time and reserve time specifically for the patient. Services are being offered at a 15% discount which is only possible when appointments are kept. Missed appointment times drive up the cost of services which results in higher fees.