For employers

Employers are always looking for benefits to offer to their employees. With the changes in the health care environment, offering dental coverage is becoming more difficult. We designed this plan to give employers a dental benefit to offer to their employees that provides coverage for preventive care and discounts on everything else at minimal expense.

Employer options:

  1. Pay for plan in-full for employee and / or family after employer designated probationary period.
  2. Pay for employee in-full, offer to pay 50% for family members after employer designated probationary period.
  3. Provide a match where employee pays 50%/employer pays 50% after employer designated probationary period.
  4. Offer plan to employee for self-purchase.
  5. Customize contribution, employer decides at what level to participate and when the employee qualifies. Enabling the employer to have full control without facing insurance company mandates.

Benefits to employer

  1. Have a dental plan to offer to employees which attracts better employees.
  2. No restrictive sign-up periods. Employee can enter plan 365 days a year.
  3. Employer can determine probationary period for employees to qualify for company contribution.
  4. Once plan is paid, the company has no further responsibility.
  5. Employees with good oral health tend to be healthier, happier, and miss less work, making them more productive.
  6. Not restricted in any way by the Affordable Health Care Act.

Please call our employers contact line at 843-619-4657 for additional plan details and to sign up.