Plan Guidelines

Charleston Dental Savings Plan Guidelines

  1. It is the patient’s responsibility to call to schedule appointments and to come to their appointments. It is the offices responsibility to confirm patient’s appointments.
  2. Fees are per person and are non-transferable.
  3. Charleston Dental Savings Plan cannot be used in conjunction with any other insurance or discount plan.
  4. There is a 24-hour cancellation requirement. If appointments are cancelled or no showed with less than 24-hour notice the patient forfeits the preventive services or the 20% deposit placed for comprehensive care that were scheduled for that date of service. Providers have the discretion to waive this for emergencies and illness.
  5. Membership is not transferable.
  6. Membership is only valid at Coastal Carolina Family Dentistry, LLC and referred specialists.
  7. Membership must be paid in full in order for membership to be activated.
  8. Comprehensive services payments must be made in full prior to the services being rendered.
  9. No refunds for membership in part or in full.
  10. Payments to dentist and specialist (periodontist, endodontist, oral surgeon and orthodontist) must be made in part at the time appointment is scheduled, then the balance at the time of appointment, prior to the services being rendered.
  11. All unused preventative services will expire and be forfeited at the end of the membership plan year. Exceptions are as follows, if the plan is renewed all unused preventative services can still be received by patient. Unused preventative care can still be received if member makes arrangements prior to the membership year ending, services must be scheduled within 60 days of plan expiration.
  12. Plan can be renewed annually, existing members will be sent notice one month prior to renewal period with new plan Notice of Services and Plan Application.