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Charleston Dental Savings Plan

Introducing the Charleston Dental Savings Plan

The goal of the Charleston Dental Savings Plan is to provide an affordable option for patients to receive access to high-quality care and providers. We focus on creating a relationship between the patient and provider without the interference of big insurance resulting in the patient achieving their oral health goals.

The Charleston Dental Savings Plan is a discount dental plan that provides members with direct access to a Dentist, Periodontist, Endodontist, Oral Surgeon and Orthodontist all at reduced rates! And since this is not traditional insurance, the member is not burdened with annual maximums, deductibles, pre-authorizations, insurance approval, age or procedure restrictions, or denials for necessary care.

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Who is this plan for?

The Charleston Dental Savings Plan is for patients who desire good oral health and want to participate and take responsibility for their oral care. We find that patients who make a commitment to their own oral care and partner with their provider have the best results. They achieve their goals and get the smile they always wanted.

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How does the plan work?

It’s simple. Anyone can purchase the plan (the employer, employee, individual, or family). The plan is valid for one-year (365 days) from the activation date giving each member the preventive care they need annually.

Annual membership includes the following:

Two free Exams ( Comprehensive, Periodic or Emergency).

Two free cleanings per year with Fluoride.

One free Digital panoramic x-ray every 3 years.

One free set of four bitewing x-rays one per year.

One free Velscope oral cancer screening per year.

15% Discount on all other comprehensive service offered by Coastal Carolina Family Dentistry.

In addition, all members receive a 15% discount with each specialist within the savings plan, including Periodontist (ex. treatment of periodontal disease), Endodontist (ex. Root Canals), Orthodontist (ex. Braces) and Oral Surgeon ( ex. Implants/ Extractions/ All-On-Four® Dental Implant Restoration) .

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